Faultline, recordings

This project – recordings of 22 poems from the collection Faultline, with music/soundscapes – has involved collaboration with twelve incredible musicians/sound artists generating and weaving music/soundscapes to the words: Kiera Coward Deyell, Marion Kenny, Bell Lungs, Luke Sutherland, Semay Wu, Alison Roe, Jer Reid, Diljeet Kaur Bhachu, Letitia Pleiades, Michael Starkey, Saleem Andrew Mcgroarty/ Sound Signals Productions and Cucina Povera.

For Faultline recordings download: Faultline – recordings

The music/soundscapes range across ambient & found sound, Chinese harp, Taiko drums, guitar, piano, electronics, beats, cello, vocal, banjo, fiddle…

The collection of pieces speak to the rigid constraint and violence of capitalism, alienated labour, private housing markets, the abuse of prison, to migrant solidarity, no borders, dismantling the hostile environment, ending sexual violence, to pleasure, power and joy, and to orienting to guidance and renewal.

It’s going out as a fundraiser for MORE ‘a group of migrants and members of the community campaigning for the right to work, study, good housing and to be treated with dignity’ who are currently fundraising to provide mobile phone top-ups, so migrants with no financial recourse are able to stay connected in these isolating times. Please donate generously!

With love and solidarity.
Released May 22nd 2020.